Are Laptops Still Relevant?

Just a few years ago, there was a debate over whether people should buy PCs or laptops. In many conversations, laptops got the edge because of their size and portability. Also, many were comparable in terms of power and could handle the same types of tasks as the more cumbersome desktops.

Since the emergence of laptops, desktop computers have dwindled in popularity. Yet they remain crucial for those who enjoy playing graphics-intensive games and work on photos, videos and CAD stuff. There’s just nothing else on the market that can do what a PC can do.

The Debate Between Laptops and Tablets

Today, there is a debate over whether laptops are still relevant and if they’ve been replaced by tablets. After all, tablets are smaller, lighter and more portable than laptops, and there are dozens of models available from tech companies like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you don’t have to. You can pick up a slightly older model for around $100.

So are laptops still relevant in today’s world? Are they worth investing money into?

Like the debate between PCs and laptops, there are some audiences that won’t benefit by replacing their laptop with a tablet. It all depends on the user and the types of things they want to do with the device. Defining your needs will tell you a lot about which device to purchase.

Why Laptops Will Remain Relevant

Laptops provide you with a bigger screen, more storage and a built-in keyboard and touchpad. You also get the freedom of a desktop operating system like Windows 8. If you’re a student who has to write frequent papers or a freelancer, you’re going to need something more like this. A tablet won’t cut it.

There’s also the power factor to consider. Laptops are more powerful than tablets and can handle multiple tasks at once. This means you can browse the internet and stream music and videos with no problem. Laptops even allow for simple editing on photos and videos.

If you enjoy playing games, you may also want to consider a laptop over a tablet. Sure, there are plenty of great games to play on tablets, but laptops have faster processors and better graphics that tablets don’t come close to matching.

When a Tablet Makes Sense

Not everyone needs a laptop, however. Some people will benefit more from a tablet. If all you’re looking to do is enjoy some light games, download apps, browse the internet and snap photos and short videos, a tablet will do. Tablets are ultra-portable, lightweight and have excellent battery life, far more than that of a laptop. They can even handle light tasks like videoconferencing or video chat.

Although there are many devices to choose from, each has its own lane. PCs are best for a certain audience, and the same goes for laptops and tablets. Bottom line: If you want portability, convenience and power at an affordable price point, a laptop is the way to go.

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