8 Reasons PC Gaming is Better than Console Gaming

If you think a political debate is heated, ask any PC gamer and console gamer to explain why one type of gaming is better than the other. Both styles enhance the gaming experience in their own way, allowing gamers to feel connected and integrated with better graphics, fluid movements and crisp, clear audio. But today we’re here to talk about the PC gaming side of things and why it’s better than console gaming.

1. Improved Graphics

Perhaps the most important component to any digital game is the way it looks. High-end gaming computers have been running games at high resolutions for years and deliver a true HD experience. You also have the option to upgrade your video card to meet the demands of newer technology.

2. Mouse and Keyboard Support

With a gaming console, you have to give up the precision and accuracy you have with a traditional mouse and keyboard. When you play a game that relies on this level of pinpoint accuracy, you won’t get better results than with a mouse or keyboard. If you prefer a controller, plug one into your computer. You can’t plug a mouse and keyboard into a console, however.

3. Game Mods

When you download a game on a console, there are at least upgrades that allow you to improve the game and fix glitches. But when it comes to mods, you’re out of luck. PC gaming, on the other hand, offers a variety of fresh game mods from community game players that breathe new life into old games.

4. Upgradeable Hardware

PCs always have the option to be upgraded, expanded and modified. A gaming console does not. This makes gaming computers a better investment with the option to adapt the hardware to your game playing style. Need better graphics? Improved audio? Faster speed? Simply add or update what you need.

5. Better Investment

Although those in favor of console gaming say that consoles are cheaper than PCs, this isn’t an accurate statement. With gaming consoles, users have to keep putting money back into the system with controllers, adapters and other components. Plus, console games tend to be pricier. The fact that you get everything you need with a PC purchase, plus can upgrade the hardware over time, makes it a better investment.

6. Free Internet

With PCs, there is no limit as to which online services you have to use – and no added cost. Other servers have downtimes, licensing agreements and other restrictions that cut into your playing time. And you have to pay for the service. With PCs, you get reliable Internet, 100% of the time.

7. More Options and Customization

Hardcore gamers love the opportunity to build their own machine. Gaming consoles are way too basic for this type of customization, and there are fewer options even if you wanted to try. This means that everyone who owns an XBox or PlayStation gets the exact same machine – no exclusivities.

8. Unofficial Fixes

If you enjoy playing older games, PC games often get free, unofficial support, bug fixes, enhancements and new hardware support. Console games get nothing. In fact, it’s almost impossible for a game to go out-of-date with a hardcore gaming PC. You can download thousands of outdated games for free or manipulate the games to be played on a new computer with backward capabilities.

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