7 Reasons Why Hardcore Gamers Choose PCs Over Consoles

Today’s gamers have a lot of options at their fingertips. Gaming PCs have always held strong, offering exceptional graphics, speed and flexibility. Now there are numerous consoles on the market that make gaming relaxing, too. Consoles allow gamers to detach themselves from the keyboard and mouse and enjoy a relaxing gameplay experience on the couch. But, even with all the hype surrounding gaming consoles, hardcore gamers continue to return to the older yet more reliable and predictable PCs. Why? Well, we have seven good reasons why.

1. PCs have better graphics.

Hardcore gamers won’t accept subpar graphics, just as a movie buff wouldn’t watch a mediocre, non-HD streamed video. The graphics have to be as close to real life as possible, and this is what a PC delivers. What makes the graphics improved? Sharper textures. Farther view distances. No blurry or jagged lines. Clarity and realism. Speed and fluidity.

2. PCs are more powerful.

Let’s expand on this statement. PCs are already more powerful than next-generation consoles. At the moment, PCs are built to bigger, better and more powerful than any other gaming system. But, there is a great deal of money and research going into the development of gaming consoles, so perhaps this could impact PCs? Small chance. When developers find ways to boost the performance of a gaming console, this directly benefits gaming computers as well.

3. PCs can be upgraded with the latest technology.

The parts and components within a PC can become outdated, even though the shell won’t. What happens then? The parts can be upgraded! There is no way to upgrade gaming consoles, so what you have is what you get. PCs, on the other hand, can be upgraded with new and better software to meet the specifications of new games.

4. PCs offer a larger selection of games.

Enthusiast gaming PCs have a lot of variety when it comes to game selection. Hardcore gamers enjoy having variety, and they don’t lack when it comes to genres, multi-player games, email games, browser games and games that are distributed digitally or available as free downloads.

5. PCs have more ways to connect to the Internet.

PCs give gamers a variety of options for connecting to the Internet and to each other. Gaming consoles, on the other hand, lack in this department. Take the Xbox gaming console for instance. Xbox Live is the only Internet option available for users, so if they want to play online, they have to use the Live service. The service is then closed to anyone without an Xbox.

6. PCs are flexible, with the ability to tweak graphics.

Sure, you can upgrade your computer with the latest and greatest parts, but you can create a better gaming experience simply by tweaking the graphics. Consoles are limited in this department, but PCs give gamers a lot of control over how their game will look. You can play around with textures, resolution, shadows, distances and so forth.

7. PCs are an investment.

Gaming consoles become outdated quickly. A little too quickly. A PC is an investment that lasts for many years. With all the hours that hardcore gamers pour into their gaming experience, it’s only natural that they should have a machine to keep up with these demands. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars every few years to get the next gaming console, hardcore gaming PCs can be upgraded and repaired for less.

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