Want a Better Gaming Experience Meet the CPU

When searching for a new enthusiast gaming PC, CPU-related terms are used to describe the superiority of each product. Even though most moderately tech-savvy people have heard of a CPU, many can’t define what it is and how it will make a difference in their gaming experience. CPUs are in fact critical components in any computer and understanding what they are will help you choose the best option for your needs.

CPU stands for central processing unit, which is a unit that processes instructions that are gathered from decoding the code in programs and files. It’s essentially the brains of the computer where most calculations occur. It’s also the most important element of a computer when speaking in terms of computing power.

Now that you know how important a CPU is, how do you go about choosing the best one for your gaming PC? With so many to choose from, you surely don’t want to make the wrong choice and regret your decision later on.

Intel or AMD

First thing is first: pick your brand. The two major brands include Intel and AMD. AMD typically makes lower priced processors, but they aren’t as powerful as the Intel powerhouses. Intel processors cost more, though. An AMD processor works only with an AMD motherboard and AMD graphics card. An Intel processor requires an Intel motherboard and works with AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

Cores and Speed

Next up – the number of cores. Since you plan on using your workstation PC for gaming, you’ll want more than two cores. Speed also makes a difference. The speeds of CPUs are measured in gigahertz or GhZ. For gaming, you will need at least 2.5GhZ. When combined with at least two cores, you can run games on high settings. You don’t, however, need crazy cores and speeds for gaming. A six-core 5.0GhZ CPU may sound great, but it’s unnecessary.

Pair Components Correctly

It’s important not to bottleneck other components. As a hardcore gamer, you want the hardcore gaming experience, so don’t max out your settings, get a high-end graphics card and then go cheap on your CPU. Otherwise, your CPU is going to weigh you down. Keep your GPU and CPU close so that you can play the games you want on the settings you want.

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