How do I update my Intel Chipset drivers?

This article applies to all Intel motherboards that are in current use that already have Intel chipset drivers installed.

If you now want to update the chipset drivers to the latest version, see the instructions and the screenshot below for guidance. It is not necessary to follow these steps following a clean installation of the OS. This is the method recommended to update the Intel Chipset driver.

1. Download INF_allOS_9.2.0.1030_PV.exe to C:\   (This is example only. The name of the chipset file may be different.)

2. Open command prompt (Start Menu > Run > cmd.exe)

3. Type in command prompt: "cd\"

4. Now type INF_allOS_9.2.0.1030_PV.exe -OVERALL –OVERIDE  (Again, be sure to type in the name of the file you actually downloaded)