How do I transfer my files from my old PC to my new Windows 7 system?

Microsoft provides the following information regarding the Windows Easy Transfer. This will allow you to copy data, music, photos, video from you old XP 32 bit system to your new Windows 7 64 bit system. The two computers will need to be connected via a USB Easy Transfer Cable (possibly the easiest method), a network connection (this must already be setup, not simply adding a cable between the two computers), or by using a flash drive or external hard drive.

At the top of the page, you will need to download and install the wet7xp_x86.exe onto the Windows XP system. Once this is complete on the XP system, open and run Windows 7 Easy Transfer on the Windows 7 computer. Go to START and type Easy Transfer to begin the process. Follow the onscreen directions.

You will most likely need to purchase the USB Easy Transfer Cable. Belkin is one popular manufacturer.