Why is my keyboard different than expected?

The standard keyboard with all of our retial systems has been the Velocity Micro Ultimate keyboard. This is a value keyboard made by Creative and branded for Velocity Micro.

Apart from being a standard Windows 104 keyboard, it also has the additional feature of backlit keys. While popular with some, many have complained that these keys are not lit enough (the keys are translucent, not painted on) or that the keys are hard to read in the daytime. This keyboard is no longer in production and all stock has been depleted at this time.

As such, Velocity Micro has replaced standard retail keyboard made by Creative with the Logitech Classic 200. It is a functional equivalent Windows 104 keyboard, though it lacks the backlight feature. This is the keyboard that will be substituted should an RMA be required for the Creative model.

All retailers have been asked to update their advertisements and all box labels for new systems have been corrected to reflect the correct new keyboard. If you received the Logitech keyboard when the advertisement or box label clearly identifies the Creative model, while this may be a dissappointment to some, this is the correct keyboard and a replacement Creative keyboard is not possible as they are no longer available.