Can I run XP Mode on my Windows 7 system?

Windows XP Mode is a new benefit of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate (not included with Windows 7 Home Premium) and provides additional application compatibility. It allows you to install and run many of your productivity applications for Windows XP directly from your Windows 7-based PC. It utilizes virtualization technology, such as Windows Virtual PC, to provide a virtual Windows XP environment for Windows 7.

In order to use XP Mode in Windows 7, the PC BIOS must support hardware virtualization. AMD-V and Intel VT are CPU-specific hardware virtualization features that must be enabled to utilize Windows Virtual PC.

For instance, on the Intel DX58SO motherboard, you must enter the BIOS on system start (F2 or Del) and navigate to the Security Tab with the right arrow, then navigate down to the entry for Intel VT and press Enter to select ENABLED. Press F10 to save changes and YES to exit.

On the next startup, you can begin using your XP Mode virtual PC environment.