I have a digital cable tuner system with Vista, can I install Windows 7?

If you perform a format and install of Windows 7, you will be asked by Media Center for a Digital Cable Support (DCS) Product ID key. The key on your case likely will not work, and we cannot provide one that does.

If you instead perform an upgrade from Vista with DCS to Windows 7, Media Center should not ask for a DCS key and Digital Cable Support should remain intact. It is believed that Microsoft will at some point fully integrate DCS into Windows 7 in such a manner as to make the need for a DCS key obsolete.

If I upgrade to Windows 7, will you support it?


Microsoft recently has added the Digital Cable Advisor to your Windows 7 Media Center Extras Library. As anticipated, this eliminates the need for an OCUR BIOS flash or a DCS Product ID key.

Run this tool to check your system out for HDCP compliance and to add Digital Cable support to your system. Follow the instructions found here to run the Digital Cable Advisor.