One Year Warranty Extension Option

Out-of-Warranty Customers are offered an opportunity to extend the hardware warranty by one year. This is intended for the customer who is having Velocity Micro complete extensive upgrades after the warranty has expired. The specifics of this plan are:

1. Customer pays shipping to and from Velocity Micro.
2. Customer pays a $99 labor cost.
3. Customer pays a $99 one year hardware warranty fee.
4. The upgrades must be extensive and must include as a minimum:
      a. New Motherboard
      b. New CPU
      c. New Memory
      d. New Video Card
5. A reformat of the hard drive with reload of the operating system and latest drivers.

The repair technician will run diagnostics on all components. If all components pass diagnostics, the machine will be re-certified for an additional one year hardware warranty. This additional year begins when the computer is received back by the customer.