CHKDSK runs every time I boot my machine, how can I stop this?

The problem is caused by a 'bit' on the hard drive that has not been reset (referred to as a "dirty bit"). This applies to NTFS disks as are found with Windows XP, Vista, or 7. To reset the dirty bit to stop this CHKDSK from running, follow these steps:

  1. For XP, click on your start menu and open the run dialog.
  2. Type cmd and return (note: dont enter quotes), in Vista or 7, type CMD in the start search box in the start menu and right click on the cmd that appears at the top of the programs list and from the menu select "Run as Administrator".
  3. At the CMD prompt, next type FSUTIL DIRTY QUERY E: (substitute drive letter, in this example 'E')
  4. If the return message indicates that the volume is dirty go to step 5
  5. Next type CHKDSK E: /f /x
  6. After that finishes, repeat step 3.
  7. If it is no longer dirty, then reboot and you should notice no more CHKDSK.

In some situations, CHKDSK will run frequently on startup because there is a problem with the HDD itself. To eliminate this as a possible cause for concern, use a hard drive diagnostic like HDFT or Seatools to test your HDD for errors.