What is your pixel policy for the W220 monitor?

Below is an explanation of the pixel policy for the W220 LCD monitor (22", 1680 x 1050, 1,920,000 pixels).

Type 1: Always-on pixel, also called a bright, hot or stuck pixel. 4 7
Type 2: Always-off pixel, also called a dark or dead pixel. 4 7
Type 3: One or more sub-pixels of either Type 1 or 2. 10 19
Type 4: Number of faulty pixels of any type in a 5 x 5 pixels square. 4 7
* Maximum permissible number of errors for the pixel error class II in accordance with ISO 13406-2

If after working to correct faults it is determined by a support technician that your notebook display exceeds the max pixels for a pixel fault type, and your warranty period has not ended, an RMA request may be submitted.