Why doesn't my media work with my media reader?

We use a number of simple media readers in our systems manufactured by Mitsumi, SIIG, and others. These multi-format, USB-based readers are capable of reading many but not all kinds of media formats.

Certain models of media or media from certain manufacturers may not work in your media reader. Certain larger sizes of media may work with a size limitation or it may not work at all in your reader.

Generally, limitations of these types cannot be overcome without a firmware updates from the manufacturer. Updates for these devices are not currently available. If and when they become available, they will be posted via direct download link here.

Please note that your Velocity Micro warranty only covers:

  • The original, unmodified operating system and device drivers
  • The original, unmodified computer hardware and components

If a compatibility issue is discovered between 3rd-party hardware purchased by the customer and the original hardware of the system, Velocity Micro cannot provide resolution by replacing the original hardware.