How do I enable my Wi-Fi adapter, it does not seem to be turned on?

If your notebook system reports that there is no wireless device installed, or it is not turned on, the first thing to check is whether the wireless hardware switch is in the correct position. Most hardware switches are located on the front of the notebook and are On/Off sliding switches. Sliding the switch to the On position typically turns on an LED indicator signalling that the Wi-Fi function is enabled. Some notebooks require a function key combination to toggle the Wi-Fi function on or off. Refer to your user manual for assistance locating your notebook's WLAN switch.

Some notebooks require additional software for the hardware switch to work properly. The L80 notebook, for instance, requires the Wireless Select Switch software to be installed as well. For all systems, notebook or desktop, the drivers for the WLAN need to be installed. The drivers may include additional software for the management of WLAN connections, but it is generally best to allow Windows to manage your WLAN connections. Refer to your Drivers & Updates disk or this Support Hub for WLAN drivers.