My Microsoft 3-in-1 Keyboard has an issue with IRTrans in Vista.

There is a configuration issue with the Microsoft 3-in-1 Keyboard not working right with IRTrans in Vista. The keyboard would work just fine, however the integrated joystick mouse would not move the cursor at all. However, you can point it at another computer with a Microsoft IR Receiver and it would work just fine. Disconnecting USB Devices only makes the mouse pointer move really slow Reinstalling or Updating the IR Trans program does not fix this.

If you are having problems with the mouse pointer not working at all, or moving extremely slow, with the IRTrans in Vista here is the fix you need to do the following:

Adjust the Receive Timeout on the IRTrans Software to 5ms (Set Mode Screen)

Keep in mind that this only works with the Microsoft Remote Keyboard 3-in-1 Keyboard, Mouse and Remote