I turned my computer on, but it's not making any fan noise or lighting up. What should I do?

  1. Make sure both ends of the power cord are plugged in.
  2. Make sure any surge protectors or power strips are switched on.
  3. Make sure the main circuit breaker in your house or office is functioning properly.

If the above suggestions have been checked and the problem remains, the next task is to reseat the power connections to the motherboard.

  • Unplug the system and remove the side panel to gain access to the motherboard
  • Unplug the 20/24-pin power connector (multicolored wires leading to a connector that is 2 pins wide and 10/12 pins long) and reconnect it firmly
  • Unplug the supplemental power connector (multicolored wires leading to a connector that is normally 2 pins wide and 2 pins long) and reconnect it firmly

Try to start your system again. If unsuccessful, continue as follows:

  • Disconnect all other power connections to all other devices internal and external
  • Remove all add-in cards and disconnect all drive components from the motherboard
  • Remove the RAM from the system as well and try to power on your system again

If the system fails to respond with loud beeping from the motherboard, it may be a failed PSU or motherboard. Contact us for assistance under the terms of your warranty.