When I use my C90S on battery power only, why do I lose overclocking?

This notebook has a performance tweaking feature called “Turbo Gear”, allowing users to adjust performance for the stress of gaming or simple desktop use. You can start it three ways:

  • Fn + Space
  • Press instant launch Key (top right on bezel)
  • Enter the Control Panel of this utility

Users may experience unexpected behavior when swithing to AC power only depending on the mode selected in Turbo Gear. For instance, Overclocking can only be realized in Overclocking Mode and Gaming Mode and requires the AC Adapter to be connected. Disconnecting it in these modes often cause instability. Only the Standard Mode and Power Saving Mode can be used under battery power only. Please check your settings and if you want to swith to battery only, be sure you have set your system to Standard Mode or Power Saving Mode.