Is It Worth It To Buy Two Graphics Cards?

In many cases, two is better than one. That’s no different for computers. Some people believe that having two graphics cards is ideal, as is the case with multiple core processors

Both AMD and NVIDIA offer options for running more than one graphics card. Is this something that you should consider for your gaming experience, or is it possible that one graphics card is plenty?

First, let’s find out whether or not you have the requirements to run two cards, as not every gaming PC does.


What are the Requirements?

In order to run multiple video cards, you need specialized software from either AMD or NVIDIA. CrossFire is the graphic solution for AMD, and SLI is the solution for NVIDIA. Until you have these programs, you will not be able to run multiple cards.


Also keep in mind that running two video cards requires a lot of power. Your gaming PC will need to have enough wattage before running multiple cards.


What are the Benefits?

There are two main benefits to running multiple video cards. The first is an enhanced 3D gaming experience. When you have two graphics cards running simultaneously, they are sharing the workload and able to deliver higher frame rates, higher resolutions and additional filters. These are major advantages for hardcore gamers.


That said, there are single graphics cards that are equally impressive and can handle a game with no problem up to 1080p resolutions. What you’re really getting with multiple graphics cards is a higher resolution. Multiple cards can also make it possible to take advantage of newer technology such as 4K Displays.


The second benefit is for gamers who want to upgrade down the line without having to completely replace their graphics card. By investing in a motherboard and video card now, you can add another graphics card at a later date to increase performance.


Are there any Disadvantages?

Before you run out and purchase another graphics card, there are some things to know. The main disadvantage to running multiple video cards is the cost. In most cases, it’s better to get one high-quality graphics card as opposed to two mediocre ones.


Another factor to consider is whether your game will benefit from two video cards. Not all games perform well with multiple cards, and may even run slower. The same goes for your gaming computer. It takes a lot of power to run the two cards.


What’s the Verdict?

For the average computer user, two graphics cards are not necessary. The only time multiple graphics cards makes sense is when users will benefit from the enhanced 3D performance. If you feel that you can benefit from it, then you must also be willing to make the investment to get the appropriate card and motherboard.

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