Why Your Next Computer Should be a Desktop

Laptops get an incredible amount of attention, and it’s understandable why. They’re portable, lightweight and stylish. Some are a small investment, but others are quite affordable. Laptops are also incredibly practical. You can take them virtually anywhere and use them for anything from writing papers to watching movies to listening to music. Laptop computers are so popular, they make up 80% of the consumer market, according to market research firm IDC. At the same time, they have overshadowed what the traditional desktop can do.

Desktops are not dead. Far from it, in fact. The stationary desktop computer is a classic. And while it may not offer much in the portability department, it can still possess all the other features of being stylish, efficient and even lightweight. But there’s one thing that desktops will probably always have over laptops, and that’s power. Desktops are insanely powerful compared to tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your next computer should be a desktop.

You can create an ergonomic work/study/play area.

Sure, it’s possible to create the same type of environment when you have a laptop. But let’s be honest, most people do not do this. The point of having a laptop is so that you can be mobile. A desktop, on the other hand, is for stationary work and play. Therefore, you will be much more likely to create a comfortable area that includes a stylish desk, comfy work chair and adequate lighting.

Desktops are more affordable, especially for the power you get.

With laptops, you end up paying for the bells and whistles. A small screen. Portability. Backlit keys. A full keypad. But none of these features give you better performance. With a desktop, you are paying for power. If you’re a person who uses your workstation PC for high-demand tasks like photo editing, high-end gaming or heavy web browsing, you’ll appreciate that a desktop won’t slow you down.

You have upgrade options with a PC.

Gaming computers can be updated with new hardware. All you have to do is pop off the back plate, and you can upgrade things like the hard drive and RAM. You also aren’t as limited with your choices. For example, you can choose to have both a solid state drive and a hard drive. You can also upgrade your CPU or graphics card, which again, is usually not possible to do on a laptop. While you’re in there, don’t forget to clean out the dust, secure the cables and repair broken parts. You can add a lot of life to your PC this way!

Desktop PCs are relevant in our cloud-based world.

A final thing to consider is that workstation computers are actually relevant again. With today’s cloud-based technology, you can pick up on a project at home that was started at work, or vice versa. Not only are desktops relevant once again, but also they are hot. They come in all shapes and sizes, and some have cameras, microphones and built-in speakers that can double as an entertainment system. And if they have Windows 10 installed on them, you also get Cortana, your personal assistant.

So there you have it. Workstation PCs are hip, cool and relevant for today’s consumers. If you’re in the market for something new or know you will be in the near future, a desktop computer may be just the thing you’re looking for!

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