Why Gaming PCs are More Affordable than You Think

Today’s video games are extremely demanding and have incredible graphics, so if you’re going to play them on your computer, you need a device that is capable of handling them. Plenty of gaming computers exist that can handle this level of game play, but they tend to come with a steep price tag. Is there any way that you can get a high-quality gaming PC without having to spend an entire month’s paycheck? Yes!

It’s How You Buy Your System that Matters

Gaming PCs are more affordable than people realize. You may think that pricing is based on the brand, the specifications of the system or the retailer. You’re not entirely wrong, but the biggest influencing factor of price is how you buy your system. If you elect to build your own hardcore gaming PC, you can eliminate the costs that are associated with buying an expensive pre-built system. And, you only have to pay for what you need rather than incurring the costs of upgraded features that are not necessary for your style of gameplay.

Breakdown of Parts

Here are the most important computer parts to consider:

  • Processor
  • Motherboard
  • Video Cards
  • Memory
  • Hard Drives
  • Cases
  • Power Supplies
  • Optical Drives
  • Operating Systems

As you go down the list above, you’ll find that there are quality, affordable options for each category. When you build your own system, you have more control over which parts you want to spend more on. For instance, motherboards are extremely important, but there are many good ones on the market that cost under $100.

Pricing on Custom-Built PCs

Most people don’t have the know-how to build their own enthusiast gaming PCs, which is perfectly fine. Computer components are tough to understand! That’s why extreme gamers will turn to a company that builds custom computers on a budget, a company like Velocity Micro. We build custom workstations that contain premium parts, but our prices are always fair and never over the top.

One of our top sellers is the Edge Z55 that includes the best of the best for just over $1500. In fact, a $1500 with Velocity Micro is average. You can find gaming laptops and computers starting at $1000. We have control over the parts and components used in our systems, so we carefully assess what goes in there and what customers should be paying for. There’s no reason to fill the computers with unnecessary features or bloatware that they inadvertently end up paying for.

Longer Lifespan; More Reliability

Also when you purchase a budget, custom-made computer from Velocity Micro, you’re saving money in another way: the life you’ll get out of the system. Many shoppers end up buying a cheap computer but then have to keep upgrading or replacing the parts. Our computers are hand built and include premium parts and aluminum frames. Plus, all support comes from the USA, saving you time and headache.

What extreme gamer wouldn’t want a high-quality, affordable, boutique gaming PC? Your best bet to save money without sacrificing a thing is to go the custom route. You’ll see that these Made in USA gamer PCs will be less expensive than the ones sitting on the shelves at your local electronics stores, and you have so much more say over what goes into your system.

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