Top 10 Signs of Power Supply Failure

Top 10 Signs of Power Supply Failure

No matter how well you build it, or how long you test it, PC component failures can and will happen. Over our many years of experience, there’s very little that our techs haven’t seen from a support standpoint, but one of the most common has always been power supply failure. The key is being able to identify the source of the issue quickly so it can be addressed and corrected as painlessly as possible.

Signs of power supply failure

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, you may have a failing or completely failed power supply:

  1. Power-on Fails (system fails to start or lock ups)
  2. Spontaneous Rebooting
  3. Intermittent lock ups during applications
  4. Hard drive and fan fail to spin up simultaneously (+12 failure)
  5. Overheating of power supply due to fan failure
  6. Small brownouts that cause the system to fail and restart
  7. Electric shocks when the case is touched
  8. System completely dead and no LED lit on motherboard
  9. Smoke from the PSU or other components
  10. Local circuit breakers popping when the computer is powered on

If your Velocity Micro PC is experiencing one of these symptoms, or you have concerns about another type of component failure, our support team is available to help. All PCs we sell come with lifetime US-based support.

For more tips and guides like this, check out our new Support Hub.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Signs of Power Supply Failure”

  1. Thank you for sharing this insightful article! Power supply issues can be both frustrating and costly if not addressed promptly. Your list of the top 10 signs of power supply failure is a valuable resource for anyone looking to diagnose and prevent these issues. It’s essential to stay proactive in maintaining our computer systems to ensure smooth operation. Your guidance is greatly appreciated!

  2. My desktop turns on all by its self after ipower it down, and the power button is orange,
    It’s plugged in to a heavy duty extension cord.
    How to i know if it’s my power supply or the power unit IN the computer??

  3. My atx computer power supplies negative voltage test at -11.59 volts (terminal 14) will this cause computer to not start?

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