Retail vs. OEM components

Not all parts are created equal. Not all parts are good enough to make it into a Velocity Micro gaming PC. To understand why, we need to first briefly discuss the component manufacturing process.

PC parts are produced in volume on large wafers of silicon and trimmed from those wafers to ultimately become CPUs, GPUs, and motherboards. Depending on where on this wafer they’re cut from, certain parts are simply of better quality – better performing, longer lasting, more efficient, etc. – as a result.

Following production, parts must be qualified and rated for quality and performance. Lower performing parts are classified as OEM grade and shipped in bulk to be used in those desktops mass produced overseas. The higher qualified parts are retail packaged and sold through distribution. These retail grade parts are the only ones that we use.

Here are just a few ways that these superior parts translate into a higher quality, better performing, longer lasting PC.

  • Cooler operation – Retail grade components often use larger heatsinks and cooling fans for cooler, more stable operation. Lower quality OEM parts are less efficient and therefore generate more heat, resulting in possible instability and a shorter lifespan.
  • Better benchmarks – Parts qualified as retail grade are done so because they’re determined to be better performing than OEM grade counterparts. This superior individual performance translates to better overall system benchmarks, which is why spec for spec, Velocity Micro PCs outperform the competition every time.
  • Full Documentation – Retail grade components come with full documentation and literature – all of which is included with every Velocity Micro system. OEM parts come with no such documentation.
  • Extended warranty to the consumer – Many boxed components come with individual warranties that extend beyond the standard one year warranty and are fully transferable to the end user. OEM components come only with a single year warranty which is provided to the OEM itself and not passed on to the end user.

Learn more about the difference between OEM and retail grade components here.

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Josh Covington

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