How to Work From Home

How to Work From Home

Working from home can have a ton of advantages if done properly. Learning the best way to manage your new home office area and workflow is key to maximizing productivity.

Below we have outlined some helpful tips and steps you can take to boost at home productivity.

Establish a Routine

Most employers are keeping the same hourly commitments that they had when businesses were open. Setting a home routine that is close to your office routine can help normalize your day and get you started each morning.

Consider showering, making coffee, and getting dressed as you would if you were headed into work. So people have found getting dressed like they are going to the office to be very helpful.

Some employers offer flexible hours. Consider working similar hours to what you were when in office. This will help maintain your workflow, and make the eventual transition back to the office easier.

Optimize your Workspace

Anyone working from home can tell you how important having a defined workspace is. Ideally this would be a separate office area, but that is not always possible.

Carving out a corner in your living room or bedroom is the most common solution. You may also want to consider the basement if you have one available.

Think of the things you would normally have available to you in office, and try to recreate that as best you can. A folding desk/table is a great way to give yourself a nice work surface that you can quickly break down when your day or week is done.

Keep in Touch

While working from home has its benefits, it can break down relationships over time. Going from seeing your co-workers 5 days a week to 0 can have a dramatic effect if you let it.

Use apps like Slack and Zoom to check in with your co-workers. Setup video calls just to check in with people every now and then.

Planning events outside of the office is also a valuable exercise that can really help with team building.

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