How to Extend the Battery Life on Your Laptop

It’s extremely frustrating when your laptop runs low on battery and you don’t have a backup. Maybe you forgot your power adapter or perhaps you’re in the middle of a meeting and can’t exactly get up to plug in your computer. You make all the necessary adjustments and hold on for dear life. Maybe, just maybe, you can make it through without your battery – oops – nevermind.

As technical and wonderful as our electronic devices grow, they are still limited by their battery life. Some of the best laptops on the market today only have 4-5 hours of battery life.

Fortunately, there are some smart strategies for extending the battery life on your gaming laptop. Let’s take a look.

Use Battery Saver Mode

Every laptop computer comes with a battery saver mode. This mode adjusts your laptop settings into low-power states. You don’t need to use this mode on a regular basis because the settings may not be enough for what you need to work or game efficiently. But you can use the setting in a crunch, or set your computer to go into this mode when you reach a certain battery level.

Disable Unused Ports

Turning off whatever you can immediately saves power. However, it’s not always easy to know what to turn off. A good place to start is with unused ports and devices. If you’re not using things like a USB mouse, external drive, WiFi or Bluetooth, disconnect them or turn them off.

Adjust Settings

When laptops are shipped, they come with default settings that many people never take the time to change. Some of the settings are ideal, but some of them can be adjusted to save battery life. For instance, you may be able to keep the display darker or turn off the back lights on your keyboard to save power. Some of the biggest battery drainers include the display, hotkeys, screen resolution and sound.

Turn Off Apps

Apps are usually better than software programs, but they still drain power when they’re running. If you have Windows, look at what’s running in the System Tray and turn off what you don’t need. You’d be surprised at how many apps can run in the background without your knowledge. If you have a Macbook, the process is a bit different, but you can still see what’s running by checking out the Login Items under System Preferences, and then Users & Groups.

Keep it Cool

Taking care of your battery will prolong its performance. Make sure that the battery is getting optimal airflow and cooling, particularly during hard tasks like gaming. The biggest problem that people have is that the vents get dirty, and this obstructs air flow. To ensure good circulation, clean out the vents and fan regularly. It’s also best to put your laptop on a hard, cool surface rather than propped on pillows or blankets.

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