T30 Italia™


Featuring a svelte and stylish Italian design inspired by the rolling curves of fine sports cars, the Velocity Micro T30 Italia presents the rare combination of aesthetics and power in an innovative minimalist design. Perfect for students unwilling to choose between muscle and style, this ultra thin notebook is sure to turn heads

• 13.3” widescreen display provides crystal clear visuals in an ultra thin frame. Built in accelerometer flips the display 90 degrees without touching a button.

• Only 0.78 inches thin!

• Exclusive shock protected hard drive keeps your data safe from sudden impacts.

• Full sized chiclet keyboard lets you get more done. Extra space between each key makes typing easier.

• Biometric fingerprint scanner protects files, logs onto Windows, inputs online passwords, and even launches applications, all with the swipe of a finger.

• Built in sensor automatically detects ambient light conditions and adjusts screen brightness accordingly for minimal eye strain and maximum battery life.

• Integrated webcam lets you chat and keep in touch with friends and family back home.

• Large multi-touch track pad allows for easy navigation and lets you zoom in and out with just a slide of the finger.

• Refined design inspired by the finest Italian automobiles features a low profile, sleek curves, and a minimalist feel for an innovative and distinct look that’s sure to turn heads.

• A feather light chassis and ultra thin design make the T30 Italia practical and easy to carry.