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All Velocity Micro PCs come with a lifetime upgrade package, meaning any time during the life of your PC, you have the option to return your system to our factory for updates. These include basic interior cleaning, general maintenance, driver and BIOS updates, operating system updates, discounted component hardware upgrades, and standard performance tuning and benchmarking.

Our basic package includes:

  • Incoming UPS ground shipping label
  • Chassis and fan cleaning and dusting
  • Component contacts cleaning
  • Motherboard BIOS updates
  • HD1 reformatted and clean reinstall of your current Windows version
  • Windows updates
  • Latest driver updates
  • Microsoft Defender install, update, scan
  • Basic system software testing and tuning
  • Comprehensive system hardware testing
  • Upgrade assessment (optional)
  • UPS ground shipping back to customer

To get started, select your hardware upgrade choices from the custom list below or call us with questions at - 804-419-0900

Core Components

Wheel Kit
Motherboard/ CPU/RAM
Power Supply
CPU Cooling
DDR3 Memory
DDR4 Memory

Audio & Video

Video Card
Video Tuning


Hard Drive 1
Optical Drive 1


Network 2


Operating System
Productivity Software



Don't see the parts you want?

Contact us at (804) 419-0900 or for assistance

**Parts marked with an asterisk(*) are non-returnable and non-refundable.

The Velocity Micro Difference

Velocity Micro is proudly 100% owned and operated in the USA. Boasting over 70 editor's choice awards, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, performance and quality. Click here to learn more about the Velocity Micro Difference.

Winners of such awards as:

Intel Extreme Rig Challenge 2018 Best Performance
Digital Trends recommended product
Tweak Town Must Have
CNET Editor's Choice
PC Mag Editor's Choice
PC World Editor's Choice
Hot Hardware Recommended
Maximum PC Kick Ass
Consumer Digest Best Buy
Test Best