Is it OK to Buy a Refurbished Computer?

When browsing the internet for your new workstation PC, you may come across the term “refurbished.” What does this mean? Why is refurbished technology cheaper? What’s the difference between used and refurbished?

In this article, we are going to talk about what it means to buy a refurbished gaming computer, how you can enjoy a lower price point and why refurbished is not the same as used. As a matter of fact, some tech experts agree that refurbished can be better than NEW!

What is a Refurbished Computer?

First of all, what does it mean to buy a refurbished computer?

Refurbished units are those that are sent back to the manufacturer or seller for some reason. Because they cannot sell the computer as new, they fix what was wrong and sell it as refurbished.

There are many reasons why a workstation computer may be sold as refurbished. It does not necessarily mean there was a defect.

  • Demos/floor models
  • Blogger/journalist review models
  • Items damaged in shipping
  • Returned products that were opened
  • Products with defective parts
  • Items that did not pass quality control

How is Refurbished Different from Used?

Used means that a product has been used by a previous owner. If you buy a used computer, you will get a significant discount, but it’s sold as-is. This means that if one of the parts fails after a few short months, you are responsible for replacing it.

Refurbished means that the gaming computer was returned to the manufacturer for one of the reasons stated above. It’s not used, and you get the same warranty with the product as if you were to buy it new – sometimes better.

However, it’s important to note that not all refurbished programs are the same. To ensure that you are getting a trusted product, look for the following:

  • Full disclosure of standards
  • Certification from original manufacturer
  • Warranty/Extended service agreement
  • Return policy

Are there Any Benefits to Buying Refurbished?

The benefits of purchasing a refurbished gaming PC include:

  • 15 to 30 percent cheaper
  • Modified warranties
  • More thorough testing (in some cases)
  • New parts and components (in some cases)
  • Option to get a better computer for your budget

If you’re considering a new computer purchase, don’t look past the refurbished models. Just be sure to do your homework and know what you are getting for the reduced cost. It’s not worth saving a little on the front end if the computer will be sold as-is.

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