The Future of PC Gaming

The video game industry has been evolving year after year. New technologies are continuously developed to maximize the game playing experience and excite gamers with better auditory and visual enhancements. So what types of gaming trends can we expect in the future, particularly for gaming PCs?

Cheaper Graphics Cards

Remember when you had to spend $500 to get a good quality graphics card? Well, not anymore. In September, Nvidia released its GTX 980 and GTX 970 graphics cards, which outperformed AMD’s top single-GPU cards. Nvidia’s graphics cards are also inexpensive, coming in at around $330. AMD dropped its prices in order to compete. As competition increases, we can expect to see lower prices on high-quality graphics cards making gamers very happy.

Improved Digital Game Stores

Digital game stores like Steam have revolutionized PC gaming, giving gamers a new way to buy and interact with games. With Steam’s success, it prompted other publishers like EA and Ubisoft to launch their own digital stores, Origin and Uplay, respectively. Although digital game stores aren’t entirely new, they are continuing to grow and expand, even dabbling in the console market. Still, these services remain most popular among PC users rather than casual console gamers.

More Ways to Engage

Not only are PC gamers spending more time playing games, but also they are spending more time creating and sharing videos about their game play. Take the Sims 4 for example. A variety of tools are available to create movies and upload them to social media. It’s a whole new way to interact with games beyond actually playing them. Other games can be streamed online where people watch professional gamers practice and compete in big tournaments for big money.

It’s Far From Dead

PC gaming is far from dead. In some ways, it’s only just starting. Not all casual gamers want to invest in a gaming computer – they opt for the more user-friendly consoles instead. Yet hardcore gamers agree that when it comes to hardcore gaming with exceptional graphics, fluid movements and true-to-life sounds, the PC can’t be beat. And despite all the new additions to the market, PCs deliver countless options for customization and upgrades, the control that gamers are looking for.

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