Why Choose a Linux PC

Linux PC

Velocity Micro specializes in custom builds for all types of PC users, including Linux. The following post will go over just a few of the reasons why some power users are choosing a Linux PC over Windows.

Open Source

First and foremost, all versions of Linux are Open Source, meaning it was created and distributed by the global community and the source code has been made freely available. So what’s the advantage to you as a consumer? Along with the support provided by the open source community, as we’ll discuss later, Linux’s Open Source origins mean the OS is free to install, own, and update.


So what about this support? One of the secondary advantages of Open Source software, and Linux specifically, is the passionate community behind it. There are hundreds of free support forums and sites to assist with questions and issues of every type. These are the people who created Linux, so naturally, they’re the ones who can best help. And as always, our support team is available for the lifetime of the PC to address questions you have as well.

Free Applications

Free versions and alternatives to paid applications exist on Windows too, but they’re generally the exception. On Linux, they’re the norm. Apps for email, office, media, and browsing all come free and preinstalled.

Fewer Viruses, Trojans, Malware

The reason that viruses and malware creators target Windows is simple – it’s where the majority of consumers are. Not only are far fewer viruses written for Linux, but its requirement that all changes must be implemented with an admin password also means they can do much less damage. Additionally, the open source nature of Linux means more developer’s eyes on critical pieces of code, sniffing out and closing security flaws before they become a threat. We won’t be as bold as to say it’s impossible to get malware on a Linux PC, but suffice it to say that it’s much less likely.

Now, let’s be clear: Linux certainly isn’t for everyone. If your usage involves proprietary software that’s only Windows compatible, you’re a gamer looking to play the latest AAA titles, or simply a novice PC user, Linux isn’t for you. But for the more experienced adventurous types, it’s certainly worth a look. Browse our full array of Workstation PCs and Gaming PCs powered by Ubuntu Linux to get started, or call our sales team at 888-300-4450.

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