ProMagix™ HD360MAX

Our most powerful workstation ever, the dual LGA2011 socket Intel C602 chipset ProMagix™ HD360MAX is optimized for engineers, artists, designers, scientists, video professionals, machine learning, and many more with NVIDIA Quadro video cards, Tesla GPU options, NEW Intel Xeon E5 v4 processors with up to 18-cores and up to 256GB of low latency ECC DDR4 RAM. Configurable with up to two NVIDIA Tesla GP100s to create over 8 Tflops of single precision compute power to perform the heavy lifting of photorealistic rendering, engineering simulation computation, data mining and more, freeing up CPU resources and allowing the Quadro video card to be dedicated to powering rich interactive design.

Experience the difference that the stability, longevity, and ultra-performance of a Velocity Micro workstation can bring to your projects. Features include:

  • Powerful enough for data calculations, scientific modeling, extreme computing, medical imaging, and much more
  • Can be optimized for high demand programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, CAD, 3DS Max, and MATLAB among many others
  • The new Intel® Integrated I/O on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family accelerates data availability to the processing cores, reducing latency up to 30%
  • Intel® Xeon® E5 family processors intelligently deliver up to 70% more performance per watt, increasing computing power while maintaining maximum energy efficiency
  • Dual Intel™ Socket LGA 2011/C602 chipset
  • Up to 512GB premium ECC registered, low-latency DDR4 memory at 2400 MHz for superior stabilty
  • Your choice of Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux

Learn more about how this unique system can bring your Premier Pro projects to new levels here.

3ds Max pro? See what the HD360MAX can do for you here.

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The Velocity Micro Difference

Just a few reasons to choose this astonishing PC:

  • Craftsmanship, Performance, Quality
  • 70+ Editors Choice Awards
  • 100% US-Based Tech Support
  • Owned & Operated in the USA
  • 20 Years of Excellence

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