This powerful tray loading external Blu-ray™ reader turns any desktop or notebook into a fully functional hi-def home theater. Universally compatible via USB connectivity, the super slim VMbludrive™ can be added to nearly any PC device to produce crisp and clear playback on HD displays. A sleek and unobtrusive design fits perfectly with users concerned with both aesthetics and functionality. Can even be added to your nettop HTPC to provide full 1080p playback on your HD television. Also reads and writes DVDs and CDs.

Who's It For?

The VMbludrive™ is perfect for the videophile or HD enthusiast looking to upgrade their current setup without the hassle of installing an internal drive. Also works great for easy upgrades of current home theater set ups.

Easy to Use

Fully powered by the USB port, the VMbludrive™ provides complete plug and play functionality with virtually no set up, without ever needing to plug into a wall or socket.

Goes Anywhere

The unobtrusive slim design fits virtually anywhere!

What's in the Box?

  • VMbludrive™ external Blu Ray reader
  • Custom video codecs, drivers, and software
  • USB Cable