The GeForce® GTX 780 is the elite 700-series GPU, marking an evolution in gaming performance — an insanely fast, smooth, and whisper-quiet experience, every time.  GTX 780 is perfectly tuned for pure performance. It features a massively powerful NVIDIA® Kepler™ GPU of 2,304 cores—50% more than its predecessor. And it comes with 3 GB of high-speed GDDR5 memory and NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 technology, so you can game at extreme settings.The next-gen GeForce® GTX 770 is a high-performance graphics card designed from the ground up to deliver super-fast and smooth gaming. The GTX 770 is stacked with unique gaming technologies like NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 that make it fast. Really fast. So nothing will hold you back from taking on — and dominating — your most challenging games. The GeForce® GTX 760 is a powerful, feature-rich card stacked with advanced gaming technologies like NVIDIA® PhysX®, TXAA™, and much more. This gives you the performance edge you need to take on next-generation titles like Splinter Cell: Blacklist and many others. It’s serious equipment for the serious gamer.

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