Announcing the RennSeat Pro Driving Simulator

  At CES in January, we announced one of our most ambitious projects yet – the RennSeat Pro, a custom driving simulator for ultimate gaming and iRacing. Now, we’re just as excited to announce it’s officially available for purchase. Fully configurable with surround sound, a selection of premium peripherals ,and powered by a custom Velocity Micro desktop, the RennSeat Pro is perfect for extreme gaming, racing sim enthusiasts, or those serious about iRacing. Check out some live gameplay from our offices: Learn more about the RennSeat Pro and configure yours here.

Computers Becoming Obsolete Quickly Is Passé

  Hello PC shopper land, I am Dave, your friendly neighborhood PC sales exec. I wanted to quickly go over a common misconception (or rather, common knowledge turned myth) when buying a PC from a high end builder like us. My fellow sales execs and I often hear “I don’t want my PC to be obsolete in 2 years” or even the self-defeating “I know this will be obsolete 6 months from now” when talking to customers. While this was true about a decade ago, here in 2017 it couldn’t be further from the truth. While new tech is often…