I have an older, out of warranty computer. How do I use the
Restore Disk that was developed using Drive Clone?

Drive Clone Information

This software is not installed prior to shipping and does not need to be installed to utilize the System Restore DVD included with your system. This software only needs to be installed to create a new Restore set for your system. If you want to install this software you will need to provide a serial number during the install process. Should you require assistance with your new Drive Clone software please contact FarStone Technology at 1-949-458-3666. Your personal serial number will be required for installation.

When to use Drive Clone System Restore

If your Velocity Micro system ever becomes inoperable due to virus corruption, accidental system file deletion or worse, you may be able to use the System Restore disk (if included) to complete a factory re-installation.

System Restore DOES:

Completely restore your system to factory shipped condition.
Repair all hardware driver issues.

System Restore DOES NOT:

Restore YOUR data – your system will not have anything installed or created since you first received it from us.
Repair hardware issues. Fix user installed software or hardware issues.

How to use Drive Clone System Restore

System Restore is very simple to use. You simply put the System Restore DVD in the uppermost DVD Drive and reboot. Follow the steps below:

WARNING: Your system will have all data DESTROYED prior to restoration. If possible, back up any data files, spreadsheets, documents and saved games prior to running System Restore.

  1. Insert the System Restore DVD into the uppermost DVD Drive. Reset or turn off your PC. Turn the PC back on.
  2. When the system comes back up Drive Clone will run a series of checks. During this process the system may appear to hang. This is normal and should continue within a few minutes. Please be patient. DO NOT power off the PC during this process.
  3. You will be prompted with a screen that asks “Do you really want to Restore your Data?” Click ‘OK’. If you want to cancel, click ‘cancel’ and eject the DVD.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT power off the system during this process. The Restore may take up to 20 minutes to complete.