How do I erase my hard drive and reinstall a clean copy of Windows Vista?

After backing up any files you may want to save and locating your pale green OEM Vista DVD and your white Velocity Micro Drivers and Updates CD, insert the Vista DVD into the optical drive and restart your computer. If your computer has multiple optical drives you will need to make sure that you put the Vista DVD into the top drive to ensure that you can boot from it.

Step 1

As the computer starts up you will see a black screen that says "Press any key to boot from CD..". Quickly press any key on your keyboard to boot from the DVD to load the Vista setup. If you miss this, you will need to restart your computer again.

Step 2

If the computer successfully booted from the Vista DVD, you should see the screen: "Windows is loading files..." with a progress bar.

Step 3

At the main Vista setup screen you will need to select your Language to install, Time and currency format, and Keyboard or input method accordingly.

Step 4

Click the button labeled (Install Now) to proceed with the Windows Vista installation process.

Step 5

If prompted, you may have to enter your Windows Vista product key which will be located on the Certificate of Authenticity sticker on the back or side of your Velocity Micro computer, or behind the swing-out front door on your case, if applicable. You will not be prompted for this in most cases.

Step 6

To continue with the installation process, you will need to agree to the license terms. Click the check box that says "I accept the license terms" to continue.

Step 7

Now you will need to click on the box that says "Custom (advanced)" to proceed with your clean install of Windows Vista.

Step 8

At the screen shown in the picture right, it should show you the hard drive(s) installed in your computer. You will need to click on the drive that you intend to install Windows Vista on. On the same screen that you selected the hard drive you wanted to install Vista on you will need to look to the bottom right-hand side of that window where it shows Drive options (advanced). Click on that text and it will reveal a menu with a few options to select from. You will need to select first the option to Delete the existing partition. Next, Create a new partition and accept the default partition size when prompted (you can resize this later). Then select the option to Format the drive.

Step 9

Once it is done formatting the drive, it will bring you back to the origional screen where you selected your hard drive to install Vista on. Now just click the (Next) button on the bottom right-hand side of that window and it will start the installation process.

Step 10

If everything was done properly it should now show you the screen illustrated right as it goes through the install process. Your pc will reboot several times during the install, which is completely normal.

Step 11

At the end of the Vista install process it will prompt you to make a user account. This is the account that you will login to access the normal windows desktop once the installation has finished.

Step 12

Once you have created your user account click (Next) to continue. Vista will complete the installation and reboot your machine and load into the new installation of Vista. Now you will need your white Velocity Micro Drivers & Updates CD from which you can install your system drivers.