Once I have my Velocity Micro system, can I upgrade its hardware?

Yes. You can upgrade your own system, but beware. User-incurred damage may result and this is not covered under your warranty. Also note that some modifications can so drastically change your system that it is no longer the same Velocity Micro system and cannot be covered under warranty. To protect your warranty, please submit a ticket at our Support Hub if you have questions about your upgrade.

We also offer a comprehensive, lifetime upgrade policy for all systems sold. Lifetime Upgrade Plan allows you to return your system for maintenance, upgrades, and tuning.

Velocity Micro Lifetime Upgrade Plan — Anytime during the life of your PC, you have the option to return your system to our factory for basic interior cleaning, general maintenance, driver and BIOS updates, operating system updates, discounted component hardware upgrades, and standard performance tuning and benchmarking. Generally suggested every 15 to 18 months for optimal performance and longer lifespan.

Components You Can Upgrade or Replace:

CPU heatsink/fan
Video Card
Sound Card
Modem/Network Card
Optical Drives
Hard Drives
Case Fans/Quiet Case Fans
Case Lights
Power Supply

Prices begin from $99 plus shipping and handling charges, hardware component upgrades and material used, any additional labor required, and return packaging material. The original parts from your system will be returned, so that you can resell or reuse. Any work done will be carried under the original warranty or for 90 days, if the the warranty expires in less than 90 days. Customer is responsible for backing up all data prior to shipping the system to us, and we specifically reserve the right to erase your hard drive and delete all data from your computer if needed to improve performance without further notice to the customer. Due to the individual nature of each system, you must contact Velocity Micro Customer Care Department in advance to plan your upgrade. Non-operable systems will be repaired at our regular repair rates at the time of receipt of the system. Allow up to 10-14 days for upgrades. Prices and terms of this plan are subject to change without notice. New components carry 1 year limited warranty, and all original components maintain the balance of the original factory warranty from the date of initial production. Other terms apply, contact us for complete information.